What lies beneath, shows up above.

The Tree of Life exists across many ancient cultures; a holy symbol among ancient Turks, in ancient Egypt, China, Mexico.

And why did I name my company Tree of Life?

First of all, I am a mythology fan and I’m enchanted with stories. The fact that almost the same stories are being told in distant parts of the world fascinates me. Maybe because it is a reminder that we are all the same despite our differences, maybe because it is a reminder that there is actually only one wisdom.

The Tree of Life is usually portrayed with roots and branches reaching to each other. Just as the roots of the tree turn into the branches, the branches and leaves reach to the soil and nourish the roots.

Humans and all human systems look like this Tree of Life symbol. We all have invisible roots such as beliefs, dreams, fears; and a visible trunk, branches, leaves such as what we do and don’t – what is visible for the moment.

Our reality is a manifestation of our dreams and beliefs – as we live through the same life, the same reality and same patterns over and over again, our beliefs, fears and projections about life grow stronger.

In Yasam Agaci Kocluk, The Tree of Life Coaching, we work on both the roots and the branches of individuals and organizations. As the roots change so would the leaves, as the leaves change so would the roots. Roots freed from fears, limitative patterns; several spoken or silent adverse scenarios would of course branch out differently. On the other hand, as we outgrow the behavior that doesn’t serve us anymore, their branches would get pruned. A healthier trunk would take healthier roots.

In many myths about the Tree of Life, the branches reach out to the sky – to eternity or heaven… We help individuals and companies to reach up to their true potential – to their own eternity..